About Me

My name is Michelle Brown-Green.  I am a web developer and digital marketing specialist living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  My specialties are Shopify (for ecommerce) and WordPress (for services) development.  My web design style is clean with pops of color.  My design strategy is conversion-focused, so each project is heavily driven by how I can make the site convert better for your end goal and target audience.


How I Got Into Web Development & Digital Marketing

I became an entrepreneur at a young age. My father, a laid off GE employee, used to scavenge for junk washers and dryers, fix them up and sell them. I use to spend hours in the garage, watching him fix what previous owners obviously deemed worthless appliances.  I was fascinated by the fact that he could turn garbage into something people were willing to pay $75 to $250 for. From this, my entrepreneurial thirst grew.

I became a kid entrepreneur and ring leader of numerous money making ventures that I would convince my youngest sister and cousin to par take in.  One of my most memorable businesses was a local cleaning service. My sister, cousin and I hand wrote flyers and put them in the mail boxes of all the nearby homes. We got one phone call from an older lady. She even called us back a second time; my first experience with repeat business.

I never lost interest in entrepreneurship. In college, I pursued several businesses including envelope stuffing, math tutoring, and an errand service that I launched not long after purchasing my first vehicle – a 1989 Ford tempo.  I purchased a set of magnetic signs printed with the ad copy, “Michelle’s Errand Service” along with my phone number, and I was in business.  Well, not exactly.  I still had a lot to learn about marketing at that stage.  But it was a good try.

My last year in college was when my interest turned to the Internet. I signed up for a wholesale drop shiping account; after watching one of those infomercials? My intentions were  to sell on Ebay. However, the competition was too fierce and I quickly learned I would need a website to break away from the downward price driving environment of online auctions. That’s when I began learning how to build my own website.

At the time, I didn’t know much about domain names and web hosting; but in the past, I’d created personal profile pages on AOL Hometown…yeah, I’m that old.  From there, I figured out how to add Paypal buttons, along with my product images and descriptions, and my very first ecommerce site was born.

I still knew nothing about website marketing and promotion at this point, so business wasn’t exactly booming, but believe it or not I was able to land a couple of sales. One was a $500 order, which I ended up refunding due to the item being out of stock. That sucked. I still don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that I built an ecommerce website from a personal AOL profile page, or the fact that somebody actually ordered from it.

Although I made only 2 sales, one of which had to be refunded, this activity solidified my belief in the ability to do business on the Internet.  In 2001, I attended an Internet marketing workshop, where I learned about website promotion, which was the missing link I needed, and I’ve been developing my skills ever since in the fast-changing world of digital marketing.

My hope with this website is to be a source of helpful information for both newbies and experienced Internet Marketers as I continue my ongoing journey of expanding and enhancing my portfolio of digital marketing skill sets.

This year, I had an ah ha moment; after reflecting on my career and realizing that I’ve always accomplished more when using my gifts to help other individuals or businesses.  As a result, my focus has shifted more so on using my gifts to provide B2B web development and digital marketing services; to help individuals and small businesses.

About My Personality

Just for kicks, I took the 16 Personalities test recommended by one of my most respected mentors, Mike Dillard.  I have to say it nailed me exactly, so I thought it would be a good addition to my About page.

12 Personality Test Results