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How To Fix A Broken WordPress Site After Installing A Bad Plugin

If you’ve ever installed a plugin and afterwards experience a site break down, you know how petrifying that can be for a first-timer. Thankfully, I had enough experience when that happened to me today.  Watch the video to see how I took care of the problem with no real damage other than the lost time I spent configuring the plugin.

I wanted to simplify the dashboard for my client, so as not to overwhelm them with unnecessary menu items. I installed the plugin that allows me to do this. I set the configuration to show this modified dashboard menu for the editor role only; but when I tried to switched back to admin view from editor view, there was no change to the menu.

I thought to myself, maybe I didn’t click back to admin view like I thought I had. So, I clicked on admin view again. Still no change. Still feeling hopeful, I thought well let me try to log off and back in again. I did. Nothing.

By this point, I’m starting face the hard truth that I was probably going to have to open up Filezilla, try to remember the damn FTP login, and delete this dang plugin from the server; along with all that time I spent configuring it.

In the end, that’s exactly what I did, and it worked like a charm. I ended up finding a different plugin to filter my editor dashboard menu, so it all worked out in the end. If you need any help with your WordPress site, submit a request for a project quote.

If you’re wondering why I spelled danger the way I did in my thumbnail image, here’s a totally irrelevant, but fun video to help you understand.

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