How To Stop Spam Subscribers In Wordpress

How To Stop Spam Subscribers In WordPress

How I Disabled Registrations And Deleted Spam Subscribers in WordPress

Today, I logged into a Zombie site to do a re-haul and while importing some pages I was asked which one of the 459 subscribers, that I knew nothing about, I wanted to attribute authorship to. Well, none of course and by the way, where the did these subscribers come from since I don’t have an invitation anywhere on the site!

This could only mean one thing.  SPAM!!!

I spent sometime scrolling through the endless list of subscribers; secretly hoping my site had somehow went viral without my knowing it, but knowing deep down inside that that probably wasn’t the case.  With names like Michael458659 and similar emails, I quickly deduced the viral notion from the list of possibilities.

Well, the next step was to stop the source of the problem.  After watching a quick tutorial, I knew exactly what to do to eliminate any additional subscribers from coming in then I spent a few minutes removing the 459 spam accounts 25 at a time.  Watch the video to learn how to do it for yourself.

Why Would Anyone Create A Spam Subscriber Account?

My days of spamming ended back in the mid-nineties when I got kicked off of AOL; after purchasing a bulk email client and sent out a blast from a bunch of emails I purchased from the same company.  So, I’m not too savvy as to how spamming is done today.  Not that I was back then either.

My first thought, based solely on my experience of how spammers generally operate, is that they intended to post spam comments.  Maybe they already have.  I guess should probably check my moderation queue.

The Results After Checking My WordPress Comment Moderation Queue

I checked my moderation queue; only to see one comment pending.  This raises some questions.

  1. Why were these accounts created?
  2. Where else could they have possibly have spammed my site.
  3. Should I be concerned about more devious intentions for these accounts?

I guess I’ve got some more research to do.

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