grant cardone builds funnel with russell brunson

Watch Grant Cardone Build A Sales & Marketing Funnel With Russell Brunson On His Private Jet

I’ve been a fan of Russell Brunson since Conquer Your Niche. I think it’s amazing how far he’s come since those days. His funnel-building software, Click Funnels, is fast becoming a staple in the Internet marketing community, and it’s easy to see why. Before, click funnels, you either had to be a tech geek like me, or have money to hire people like me to build an effective sales funnel. But with Click Funnels, you only need 3 things as Russell Brunson explains in the following video, in which he guides Grant Cardone in building his first ever marketing funnel; from hundreds of miles in the air in his private jet. Take a look for yourself.

The Requirements To Build A Funnel

As you heard, from Russell Brunson, you only need three things to create a marketing funnel:

  1. A Product
  2. A Pitcher
  3. Click Funnels

Product or Service

Before you can even think about creating a funnel, you need a product or service to sell.  That’s half the battle because developing a product, or the skills you need to offer a service is the hardest part of the funnel process.  So, if you have a product or service already to go, you can relax because you’ve already accomplished the hard part. if you want to make your product or brand grow fast what you have to do is start using this social media channels.

Even if you don’t think you have a product or service yet, you’re only an idea away.  Russell Brunson said it best in the cover video he is running on his Facebook page.  In it, he makes a profound statement that everyone is an expert in something.  You can take that knowledge and package it into a service and boom, you’ve got your service.  All it takes is an awareness of your expertise and believing that you are worthy enough as you are to use that knowledge to help people as a service.

A Pitcher/Sales Person

The second requirement to building a funnel is a pitcher or sales person.  You need someone to pitch the product or service.  I’m going to expand on this and say you need an experienced sales person OR a presentation written by someone with sales or copy writing (salesmanship in print) experience.  I feel it is important to make this clarification.  You can pitch anything, but that doesn’t guarantee sales.

The pitch must include key features of persuasion in order to produce results, and that requires an experienced sales person; whether it be the presenter him or herself, or from someone behind the camera.  In this case, I think it’s safe to say Grant Cardone is the qualified sales person.  For you, it may require hiring a professional copywriter, or at least brushing up on your copy writing skills.

Click Funnels

Last, but not least, you need a Click Funnels account to put the marketing funnel together.  Yes, if you have the skills, you can build it yourself without Click Funnels, but this article assumes you don’t have those abilities or at least not all of them.  There are many working pieces involved in building out a funnel, so it is rare to possess them all; unless you have an extensive background in web development.

Click Funnels removes that requirement, with a simple drag and drop platform, that makes it easy to build out elaborate sales/marketing funnels that have all the key elements.  Click Funnels boldly claims to be a one-stop platform that consolidates multiple marketing utilities into a single service; allowing you to cancel unnecessary subscriptions and save money!

If you have a product or service that you have been unsuccessfully selling, it’s probably because you don’t have a funnel in place, or you have a break down in your existing funnel.  Click Funnels eliminates the mystery in developing an effective marketing funnel, so you can get up and running without error and finally start producing the results you envisioned when you launched your idea.

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